Recommended for you Column: Fifty years later, our teacher joined us I felt the expectations of women to be constantly giving and nurturing at theirown expense in exchange for very little power over their own lives and the world to be too much of a demandthe image of womanhood reinforced by my church was too limiting for me and didn't match the varieties of powerful, interesting women I met at work and at school, or read about. Some of them were very feminine in quite a traditional sense, some found no use for such things, while most were in the middle somewhere. Salonen takes a similarly narrow view of the Women's March and women and girls who reject or don't live up to her strict standards for femininity. It might be easy to mock the pink hats worn by many of the marchers, but remember, they are handcrafts made by women for other women, reminding them of the words of our now president that reduced women to their body parts, the president that Salonen seemed to quite happily vote for (I noticed a silence on the refugee issue in her most recent column, but we only have so muchspace here). Think it's silly or vulgar or a cute fashion choice, it is a repurposing of words used to dehumanize women as a means of bringing them together. Mine is bright pink with blue specks and made for me by someone I love, a woman whose friendship sustained me during one of the most difficult times in my life. My point is, I don't think Salonen is listening closely enough or listening to enough people. She looks at depictions of the march and one image of a woman wearing a shirt that reads "abortion" and then seems to stop there. Google "reproductive justice" if you want a more accurate representationof what most feminists I know are fighting for. Yes, it includes access to safe and legal abortion, but it's much bigger than that. Many of the goals match or don't conflict with the goals of more conservative women, but sanctimonious reminders about "true femininity" probably won't serve asa bridge between us anytime soon.

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