It was a questionnaire, seeking answers on attitudes to the independence question, as well as other burning political issues. On a scale or one to ten, people were asked how important issues like Scottishness, the EU, pensions and defence were to them. Image copyright AFP Image caption Experts say data could ชุดว่ายน้ำแขนยาว be important in another independence campaign The party is pleased with how the exercise has gone - a source says they're confident the two million response target set in September will be met (note: this doesn't necessarily mean two million people, but two million completed forms). The SNP currently has no plans to publish what they've found out. But experts say the information could be very useful to the party. "If they have managed to achieve somewhere in the region of two million completes, that's a phenomenal achievement and that data is going to be incredibly valuable to driving their campaign," says Alexander Nix. If there's such a thing as celebrity in the world of political analytics, it's currently being enjoyed by his company. Cambridge Analytica advised Donald Trump's team ahead of the US Presidential election, providing information on voters and their concerns. 'Targeted communication' They say analysis of responses helped them identify potential supporters and speak to them on the issues they cared about - essentially individually-targeted political messaging.

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